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The wait is over! Diana, A Spencer in Turmoil is available now on amazon! This second book in the Diana Spencer trilogy picks up Princess Diana's story ten years later - in the midst of her struggling marriage, constant battles with the paparazzi, and publication of the Andrew Morton book. Take the ride with her as you peek inside the life of a royal princess, young Mum of 2 incredible boys, and humanitarian on the world stage. You won't be disappointed! Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for news, photos and Diana updates. Thanks to everyone for your support and interest in the next book in the series! 

About Diana, A Spencer in Love

Deb's debut book:  Diana,  A Spencer in Love, A Novel  is a fictionalized account of Princess Diana's first extraordinary year in royal life.  Follow her journey as she meets Prince Charles, falls in love, faces the challenges of a hungry public and press; and begins her life as a fairytale Princess. 

Would you like to explore what Diana might have been thinking and feeling as she embarked on her incredible life? How she was coping with new and strange expectations? What she really thought of Prince Charles and the royal family? Read what might have really been happening inside the heart and mind of a teenager in love. Click here to watch the trailer.

Please enjoy reading about Diana and seeing an inside look at her first roller-coaster year as the Princess of Wales.  

Want a sneak peek?  Read Chapter 1!

 Available at amazon.com and amazon.ca

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